We arrived half way for Pirates Outlaws. Which means that the end is still far away.

From the beginning of our adventure, we have proudly hoisted our colors and have sailed across storms. All of this couldn't be possible without your support. As previously stated, we listen to you a lot and appreciate your ideas and suggestions about the game. Unfortunately everything will not be taken into account but we take seriously many of your comments.

Twitter Contest close today, it is your last chance to put your hand on a key for Pirates Outlaws, hurry. We will announce and contact all winners on Monday.

We hope that you will appreciate the new chapter “Lost Islands”.

An' again, thanks fer all yer support!



Since Pirates Outlaws is release in March, our dev team has worked hard to improve the game, adjust player experience, fix issues… Updates after updates we have read your comments, listened your feedback and learned from our mistakes. Today it is the good moment to share about Steam version.

For this version we have make a partnership with BlueStacks. They are supporting us, and they will do their best to give you the greatest game experience possible as well as we are doing it since the beginning.

The game will be available in early access end of this month, August 28th for 19.99$.

Few things you must know about this version:

  • As an early access version, it should come with issues that we are engaged to fix ASAP in priority.

  • NO cross-platform synchronization will be expected.

  • The game offers a new game experience without shop, gold or in-app purchases.

  • Progression and Reputation gain has been increased.

  • Quests, mainly related to gold winning, will be an exclusive feature to mobile versions. All characters will be available. As well as Navigate and Arena stay unchanged.

  • All planned future content will be added to the game for free. This includes new chapters, characters, cards and relics.

The main purpose of this version will be to make you discover or rediscover the game.



  • AUGUST - Steam Early Access

  • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER - Giant Monsters - New Chapter + Quests + New hero

  • OCTOBER - Quests + New hero

  • DECEMBER - North Legends - New Chapter + Quests + New hero

  • JANUARY - Eastern Seas - New Chapter + Quests + New hero

  • MARCH - Steam full release


This planning is shared for our community that support us. We want you to know that our dev team is still working hard constantly to develop and improve the game.

The dates are just informative to give an overview of the progress of development of the project. Some aspects of scheduled updates might be changed at any time to maintain the quality of the project.


Hope you will enjoy it as well as we like develop it.