About Pirates Outlaws


Pirates Outlaws has been out for over 2 months now and already a lot of work has been provided by our team. It is with pride that we thank you once again for the welcome done to our game. Players that follow us on our social networks know that we are working hard to maintain the quality of the game to fit most of demands and expectations. It was a great source of motivation to continue improvements for this game…

…and it still the beginning.

The time has come to share with you major updates about Pirates Outlaws coming this year.


APRIL - Maelstrom - Map update

APRIL - Lost in Jungle - Extension + New hero (Carpenter)

MAY - The Great Bazaar - Extension + New hero (Musician)

MAY - Cloud save iOS (Android need more test before release!)

JULY - The Arena - New Game mode

JULY - Quests (I) + New hero

JULY - Steam version release

AUGUST - Quests (II) + New hero

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER - Giant Monsters - New Chapter

OCTOBER - Quests (III) + New hero

DECEMBER - North Legends - New Chapter



Additional game contents must be limited for the needs of game balance. There will no more than 3 more potions (hero upgrade) and 1 more extra Package (Especially to avoid more unbalanced game experience).

+3 Hero (Carpenter and Musician not included)

+1 Game Mode (Contain: New Achievements “Trophies”)

+3 Series of Quests (With 3 level of difficulties)

+3 Potions (Upgrade)

+1 Package (Shop)

+3 NEW Chapters (Contain: New Cards, Relics, Enemies, Bosses, Events)

And more achievements, trophies, special events, bosses with unique mechanics…


This planning is shared for our community that support us. We want you to know that our dev team is still working hard constantly to develop and improve the game.

The dates are just informative to give an overview of the progress of development of the project. Some aspects of scheduled updates might be changed at any time to maintain the quality of the project.


Hope you will enjoy it as well as we like develop it.



Let me introduce myself. I am Nicolas, Game Producer of Pirates Outlaws and founder of Fabled Game Studio. I want to share and answer some questions about our game.

First, I would like to say thank you for the quite encouraging reception of our game on iOS and Android, despite its imperfections. It was interesting to read all positive and negative comments around the net.

Fabled Game is a small studio and our development team is working hard on it to optimize it as fast as we can. Pirates Outlaws will be update frequently, and we will improve it until we will be fully satisfied with it.

Based on player feedbacks and comments, there are several things you want to know about the game.

Starting with the controversial In-app Purchase system and economic system of the game. I want to reassure you there is no need to buy extra payments needed to fully enjoy the game. Sure, it will cost you more time to unlock more contents, but it can become personal accomplishment to keep you playing the game for “daily” objectives with progressive challenge (Currently each successful run can be rewarded Max 500 Gold). But as I mention before, it matters on you to pay more or not. All contents unlocked by Repute in Pirates Outlaws can be unlocked without any Purchases, Upgrades or Boosters. (Fabled Game Designer confirm me: “yes, it is possible!”)

The economic system and game experience for Pirates Outlaws has been designed like this, for multiple reasons. Nowadays, I have the feeling that some type of game is unique in the objective to please only a category of player. Card games for card players, Casual games for casuals... In Pirates Outlaws, we would like to break this limit with an easy-to-play game, low price and progressive challenge. Allowing “gamers” to enjoy and “casuals” to discover a roguelike card game on mobile. It's not as easy to explain it and I am conscious that it can be deformed or counter-argumented but it is the way I want to believe our studio and games will be seen.

After this boring paragraph, let’s talk about Pirates Outlaws mechanics and future improvements.

People asks if there will be a chance to have a “skip” button on the loot panel, after a battle. No! The game is design in this way for multiple reasons, removing it will affect the entire balance of the game and we have already several ideas to balance and use it (wait and see;).

Coins cost can be adjusted for unbalance actions and we will provide you more options to manage your deck.

We know that the game needs some improvements (text and translations, UI…) and it will be done progressively. We have already new functions, contents, chapters and a new mode with gold rewards planned on our schedule (To not miss any news you can follow us on our Official Social Networks and Website).

Our development team are working hard to solve any issues encountered.

The game is far from complete and that’s great news, but as I mention before we are a small and independent studio with ambitious ideas which take times to do. So, in advance sorry for the delay (if delay there is).

Best Regards

Nicolas Lavergne - Game Producer @FabledGameStudio

By the way, there will be no promocode send except on our Official Networks and Website. Avoid clicking or accept fake links. We cannot guarantee a smooth performance if you have downloaded the game from unsupported stores.