Pirates Outlaws is an indie roguelike card game. 


Pick a Character among different types of pirates, with various abilities and cards. Navigate and select a Chapter to complete. Then on the map, navigate from isle to isle until the “boss” island. Manage your health and deck in the Tavern. Buy and upgrade cards in the Market. Get more cards from Event and Battle isles. Your journey will end if you are defeated or victorious. Collect enough Gold and Reputation to unlock more contents.


Each chapter have his own background story and specificity.


There are 6 different pirates to select. Each have an Ability and a Pre-made Deck with 10 cards inside. Gunner, Sword master, Alchemist, Explorer, Cursed captain and an Admiral.



Maps will be generated randomly by Chapter. There are 3 levels of difficulties, separated by a “boss” battle. Each will contain Tavern, Market, Event and Battle isles. Adapt your way and your destination based on your needs. Navigate from isles to isles will cost Action Points (AP) to your ship.  Your expedition will end if your ship doesn’t have enough AP to continue.


Battle is a turn by turn card combat.

During Player turn, you use cards from your Hand as weapons. When a card is played, it will go to your Discard pile. When your Draw pile is empty, your Discard pile will be shuffle and add to your Draw pile again. Basically, you use Attack cards to deal damages to opponents, and Defensive cards to Boost your damages, Protect or Heal yourself. Melee, Range or Skill cards have various actions and some of them will cost Ammo. It will be important to manage your Ammo and deck to build Combos to be victorious.

During Enemy turn, pirates will do actions. Some enemy features and abilities are hide from the player and will need to be learned or discovered during a Battle. Adapt your turn based on these actions, to be victorious.

At the end of a Battle, you will be rewarded. Pick a card among several to add to your deck.


During Battle. Condition is a temporary buff or debuff apply to character. You can have only 1 Condition at a time. It affects player and enemies Actions. It stays active every turn, unless it is Replaced, or his value fall to 0.


During Battle or Event. You can get a Cursed card from enemy. It affects Momentarily or Permanently player cards or statistics and usually Unplayable.


Relics are items which give you some Permanent boost and various advantages. There is up to 6 slots available per characters.


In exchange of Coins. You can sell relic, restore your health, remove a card from your deck or repair your ship damages (AP). 


In exchange of Coins. Buy cards and relics. Upgrade cards to improve your strategy. 


Events are short stories you need to solve. The result of your choice can lead to a positive or negative reward.  

ABOUT enemies

There are different classes: Fighter, Tank, Support, Elite and Boss. And there are different races: Humans, Undeads and Specters… with unique attributes (composed by chapters).



At the end of each Game you will get Reputation and Gold. Increase your Reputation to unlock extra contents such as Characters, Upgrades, Chapters and Extensions. Buy extra unlocked contents with Gold.

6 Pirates, more than 250 Cards and 80 Relics to discover and collect. 6 Potions to improve characters statistics. 3 Chapters to explore containing 30 Boss to defeat. Several Packages and Extensions to unlock.

A Chapter Package contains: NEW map with 9 unique bosses to defeat and Extra Cards + Relics to collect.

Extension Package contains unique events, relics and cards to explore and collect.