What is a Cloud save system?

Cloud save is a storage of your game data and progress. You can see your saves in SETTINGS / SAVE HISTORY.

  • How to synchronized my game with multiple devices?

  1. Choose the device that has the more advanced game progress and update to latest version available.

  2. Enable the Cloud save in the Settings.

  3. In Settings /Save history. Select the LOCAL slot and tap "Continue"

  4. On the top left corner, a popup "Saved" will confirm the process.

  5. Now you can update game from other devices with similar version.

  6. A popup should mention a “Save Conflict”, tap "Continue".

  7. Select the latest Cloud save, with the more advanced game progress and tap “Load

  8. A Warning message will ask you to “Confirm” your choice.

  • Cloud save synchronization successful?

  • Your cloud save is working.

  • You can active and disable it in SETTINGS.


  • Cloud save synchronization failed?

  • Make sure your network is working.

  • Make sure you login with your Apple ID on iCloud.

  • Make sure Game Center is working and active.

icloud drive.png
  • If the problem persists. Send all the detailed info about your device and OS version to us if you want us to try to help and improve it.

  • Cloud save is disabled?

  • You can active cloud save manually in SETTINGS.


  • Saves conflict

  • Your LOCAL save and latest CLOUD save are different. You will be asked to select a LOCAL save on your device to continue (Check the date, time and progress).

  • WARNING! If you select a save from CLOUD. The LOCAL save and progress on your device will be LOST.


    Fabled Game Studio is not responsible for your loss if you have made the decision to restore or erase your local backup after an improper handling or decision by you with the cloud save backup system.