about us

FABLED GAME STUDIO© is a game developer of entertainment software. Found March 2018, the studio first intention is to promote and develop Chinese creativity in Indie game development.


The studio first intention is to promote and develop Chinese creativity and game development. Chinese game industry is in expansion. The video game culture difference between Asia and western countries is changing. Some games and gaming platforms have already been reducing the gap but there is still some works to do. There is a desire to become known internationally with a game studio based in Shenzhen.

Pirates Outlaws will be our first game. Made by 8 persons works on this decisive project. It is a game that will represents the studio and its principles. It is a type of game not widespread on the mobile market and not well adapted for some players.


A Fable is an imaginary short story, myth or legend. “Fabled” is people who intended to create or invent these stories. The “Kraken” is our distinctive sign and logo which represent perfectly the studio and its origins and ideologies.

“Community games and studio.”

Despite a desire to be recognized in the video game industry with popular games. We will always listen to our community. Our games we aim to gather around the same passion and share it with us. Our games will always follow the same ideology and same desire to unify gamers around our games and projects.

Our team is small, but the studio wants to provide a real speaking with you about our games. We want to share more about us and our games. It will be a priority for the studio to develop and structure it to build a community studio.

 “Our games are planned to be play by everyone and design for every type of players.”

Every types of games have a specific type of player. We want to break that barrier. Mainly because of the difficulty of understanding, complex game mechanics or a desire to do too much.

Our projects and designs will lead to adapt some mechanics or features, from game to game. It will be a daily challenge for our team to be able to share a game to others, while keeping the main aspect and the core gameplay.

 “Stand out from others with creative designs and unique projects.”

To stand out from others, our creatives members will need to adapt designs and ideas. Nowadays, make a “creative and unique” game is a difficult path when you are in game industry. The team will share his passion with creative games and projects to be recognized among an overpopulated industry. It will be a challenge that the studio has a strong desire to success.



NICOLAS. Game producer and founder of Fabled Game Studio.

“As a Game producer, I founded Fabled Game Studio as an opportunity to make games and projects around simple rules in harmony with my ideologies. The passion of creating games and knowledge sharing.  

I have always been attached to the principle "working hard is always rewarded". 

I work in China for several years, as a French Creative Game Artist. My creativity and point of view in local game industry was a plus in every companies and studios I work for. My perspectives and ambition in the industry have been evolved and growth. Associated with people who are interested to make creative games, Fabled Game Studio was founded. The studio is the representation of my vision as an artist and player. 

The ambition of the studio is not as special from another new and young game studio. We want to be able to create good games and live from our passion.”


HARDY. Game designer of Pirates Outlaws.

“I used to be a match-3 game designer and I was bored. I am a console game player and like when the gameplay is interesting with a meaningful game experience. Some principles that are often missing in Chinese game industry, in my opinion. 

I was confused, until fabled game studio offered me the opportunity to work and join their project. I was glad to join a studio which has similar ideologies and objectives. Now, I am very excited to create and design my own card game. I have so much to share and to design. Fabled Game Studio gives me a chance to design games I like to make and play.”


TIA. Game artist of Pirates Outlaws.

“I was working on boring projects devoid of creativity and thinking. It can be difficult for an artist to work in China, because most of the projects are unoriginal games or irrelevant copies. I was looking for new opportunities until I was interviewed by a French Artist. I saw great opportunity to work with him and learn from him. And it was a natural decision to join Fabled Game Studio. 

I was asked to “suit a project” and “serve a gameplay”, not just make a “beautiful art”. It was challenging for me to change my habits and method of works. Pirates Outlaws art style is the result of several discussions and concepts. Pirates Outlaws art is a comfortable and unique art style for everyone.  

It is also satisfying to have opportunity to share his opinions and ideas, in order to take the right decision and direction for the game, as a team.”


Game producer: Nicolas Lavergne

Game designer: Hardy

Developer: Richard, Wudi

2D Artist: Joe

Community Manager: Celine

Marketing manager: Suki